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At Texpert we are providing real time inspection and audit service for our valued customers.

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At Texpert we are providing real time inspection and audit service for our valued customers.

All the data is available for customer during service to be checked on site.

For our valued customers our reports are produced in a way that customer can check stats monthly / quarterly basis. With the help of our findings / stats now it become easy for customer to evaluate their suppliers on monthly basis and can guage the strengths and weakness of their suppliers.

24X7 and 365 Days available

We can provide expert Service available to you 365 days a year for your all you’re Inspection, Audits, and Training Service. We are here when you need us!

Experience of more then 2 Decades

We have over 25 years experience in the inspection, Audits, and Training Services field. We believe to provide services with high quality, timely, affordable and most importantly more then customers satisfaction.

Our Services

Our Service


We offer comprehensive ethical audit programs that can be conducted according to international standards.

Our Service


The checks are performed to help verify whether the products meet your quality requirement

Our Service


Our training programs feature over 500 courses ranging from general quality training to product-specific and client-specific instructions


Sports Goods
Toys / Gifts

Our Pricing

$ 228
  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • Pakistan
  • UAE
  • Sri Lanka
  • Iran
$ 278
  • China
  • Turkey
  • Vietnam
  • Korea
  • Malaysia
  • Egypt



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